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Beck's Blue

  • Beck's
  • Germany
  • 0.05 % ABV
  • 46 kcal/100ml

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To give Beck's their due, they were doing this NAB long before others and that really took some forward thinking and brave investment. As a result, most places now stock this drink. I remember first trying it and thinking, mmm - 'this almost tastes like real Pilsner'. The problem is that 'almost' really just isn't good enough anymore. Removing the alcohol in this seems to have left it with an artificial, syrupy taste and I'm not sure you'd ever hear someone say 'I didn't realise it didn't contain alcohol'.  Also, far from helping the NAB cause, I do wonder if many have tried Beck's Blue, and concluded from this that all NAB's will be like this.  On the plus side, it has far fewer calories and even less alcohol than most NABs out there. I also know many who swear by this drink so must conclude that this is very much a case of personal opinion. What do you think?

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Brauerei Beck & Co. Beck's Blue

Community Reviews

German Purity or Flavoured Water?

According to the bottle, this is brewed under German purity laws. These laws limit the amount of hangover inducing chemicals in the beverage (sulfites etc). Unfortunately in order to achieve this, and the non-alcoholic accreditation, Becks seems to have taken the purest spring water, and added a drop of their normal beer and put it in a soda stream. If you like the taste I would recommend making your own at home by taking a 2 litre bottle of sparkling water and pouring in your mate's dregs.


Reviewed: 24/11/2019 • Permalink

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