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Big Drop Brewing Co. Jam Session Raspberry Gose

"Spritely and refreshing with a nose of sour berries, rhubarb and raspberries. Flavour is lightly tart with under ripe berry and freshly harvested wheat all brought to a savoury finish of the sea salt." - Big Drop Brewing Co.

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This made me smile

This made me smile. In fact, I couldn’t stop beaming and the photographer kept snapping shots of me – clearly this wasn’t due to my superman physique. Thank you Big Drop and Fyne Ales Farm Brewery for this work of art. Salty and sharp with a grainy tint, the first thing that gets you is the pinch of freshly picked raspberry in the aroma. A very stable, well balanced, sourness combines with a nice but not overpowering dryness leaves you feeling content, and the gentle fizz ensures you can focus on the taste. It would be a shame if this didn’t go into full scale production.

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It grew on me...

This is a not unpleasant hybrid, kind of fruity with beery overtones and aftertaste. Not exactly a girly drink as it's sour not sweet, doesnt smell fruity, and a bit of a meh colour, but it is a sort of interesting compromise which would no doubt appeal to a lot of people. I didn't want to drink it all at first, but then came back to it and found it had grown on me. :-)


Reviewed: 13/11/2019 • Permalink

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