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Big Drop Brewing Co. Lager

"This darker Vienna style Lager sees a crisp, bready, biscuity maltiness coupled with a delicate hop bittering. This refreshing lager has a spicy Noble hop aroma and flavour finish." - Big Drop Brewing Co.

Our Review

Fairly innocuous

Whilst there is a bit of mentioned malty biscuityness in here, overall this is a fairly innocuous lager that left me rather unsatisfied. You have to take a very big sniff for the  aroma, though when warmed up a bit you do get a little bit of richness coming through that is more reminiscent of ale than lager. Taste is a little insipid - certainly not what I was expecting from a company that is usually big on flavour - but there will be some that like a plain lager to down quickly on a hot day. That's just not my thing. The head didn't last at all - however I think the carbonation is about right within the drink itself. Colour-wise, I really like the darker hue. It's not something I'm used to in a lager but I it's interesting and something a bit different. Overall though, this isn't going to be a go-to beverage for me. However, please don't take my word for it. Give it a go and let us know what you think. 

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