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BrewDog Faux Fox

"Welcome to a very different animal. Driven by curiosity, honed by craft. Faux Fox started with a desire to go beyond beer. To see what's possible when you cast off the limitations of alcohol. Unleashing more flavour than a derailed high-speed fruit train, it's an exquisitely sharp and refreshing micro-fermented sour. The hunt for alcohol-free choice that delivers on flavour is over." - BrewDog

Our Review

A sly transition towards the soft drinks market, or is pink beer actually a thing?

Like the Raspberry Blitz (in fact, so much like it I think most people would be hard-pushed to tell the difference), this is not going to be for everybody. What it has got going for it is an amazing colour. But I guess that can work both ways. It's not going to appeal to your traditional real ale drinker that's for sure.

It's properly sour - kind of like a sherbet Dib Dab (remember those?) And it definitely tastes of raspberries. So, taking into account that this is not an everyday kind of beer, I'd have to say I actually quite enjoyed it. But I wouldn't got back for another immediately. It seems like Brewdog desperately want to break into the soft drinks market and have engineered a way of doing so without leaving their beer-brewing roots behind. Clever. Like a sly fox.

If you hate beer you may well enjoy this. But the opposite is also true. Try it with an open mind. This one's going to be divisive, so we've marked it bang in the middle. Let us know what you think!

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