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BrewDog Hazy AF

"No alcohol just got juiced up. And Hazy AF lives up to the hype. All the attitude, all the flavour but none of the alcohol. Say hello to the juiciest alcohol free beer in town. Tropical fruits and grassy notes mix it up. Oats and wheat unite for a smoother ride. Full flavour, no alcohol, all out New England" - BrewDog

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One of the good ones

Another good one added to the BrewDog AF range. The pour concerned me as it looked a little watery, but my fears were soon put to rest. The aromas soar from the glass as it's poured, the mouthfeel is subtle,, and it slides down very nicely. This feels like BrewDog got serious about AF beer - I really like the direction they are going!

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Not 'good for an alcohol free'. Just a really good IPA!

You know that thing where people say, 'Yeah, it's good... for an alcohol free beer'. Well, this is just a really good beer. It's better than Punk AF, with bags of hoppy flavour. There's definitely some citrus in there somewhere too and pleny of bitterness.

I didn't bother to pour this one into a glass, so I can't comment on the appearance. But the aroma coming from the freshly opened can was great - there's was absolutely not suggestion that this is anything other than a really good IPA. I know strong hoppy and citrus flavours aren't to everyone's taste, so this may not appeal to those who prefer their beer a little more traditional (if that's you then give St. Peter's Without a try). But for anyone who would normally go for a Punk IPA or Dead Pony Club, this makes a fantastic alternative with fewer calories and no headache!

It's great to see so many breweries getting serious about alcohol free and low alcohol alternatives to their headline acts. Brewdog have released a number of new AF beers recently and I'm sure there'll be more to come. Here's hoping whatever comes next is as good as this one!


Reviewed: 27/02/2020 • Permalink

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