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BrewDog Raspberry Blitz

  • BrewDog
  • United Kingdom
  • 0 % ABV

"Raspberry Blitz delivers a tangy payload. Packing more fruit than the State of California. Layers of vibrant raspberry aroma, with hints of fromage frais and citrus peel, give way to a mouth-
puckering lemon sherbet acidity and a full-on raspberry jam hit. All bolted on to a super smooth oat base, rounding out this juice machine." Brewdog

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So fruity it (probably) counts as 1 of your '5 a day'!

We all know Brewdog are big on flavour, and this raspberry flavoured beer is no exception. The only problem is that it tastes so much of raspberry it's very easy to forget it's supposed to be a beer! But, that aside, let's try and give this a bit of fair and measured analysis.

The can looks great, of course. But I know things are about to change (as I write Brewdog are beginning the roll-out of their new brand, so get ready for some changes to the Brewdog look and feel in the near future). As I opened the can I got an immediate burst of fruity raspberry aroma - I'm assured by the ingredients it's all entirely natural. No added flavouring or colours here, thank goodness!

And the raspberry doesn't finish there. There's a lovely fruity bitterness to the taste. The aftertaste is definitely sour, which might be a bit of a surprise to anyone expecting a taste more like raspberry jam. But the sourness seems to somehow offset the fruit, in a good way. I know some would say it's no different to a fizzy fruit-flavoured water, but it definitely feels more robust than that, to me. And with fewer 'E' numbers and sweeteners!

Perhaps that's the point? This is a fruit drink for adults without nasty additives. It doesn't leave an awful chemical aftertaste which many flavoured drinks do. And the fruity flavour may well appeal to those who don't consider themselves beer drinkers. Brewdog aren't stupid - as much as they like to push their 'punk' attitude, they also know what sells and how to market their products. No doubt about it, Raspberry Blitz wasn't created to please fruit-loving beer drinkers. It's an easy way in for those who think they don't like beer.

Would I go back for another? Absolutely. Is it going to become a regular in my fridge? I doubt it, but ask me again in the August - I can see this going down very nicely on a warm summer's day.


Reviewed: 27/02/2020

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