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BrewDog Wake Up Call

"No alcohol just woke up. And Wake Up Call rises to the occasion. All the attitude, all the flavour but non of the alcohol. Say hello to the most rousing alcohol free beer in town. Subtle roast coffee notes are rounded out with milk sugar for a smooth delivery. Full flavour, no alcohol, wide awake." - BrewDog

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Coffee and Beer - A Match Made in Ellon

I rember growing up, thinking that stout was an old-fashioned beer for old-fashioned people. However, they say that with age comes experience and in my experience stouts are shaking off their reputation, and with good reason!

The proviso for this one is that you like coffee. Which, thankfully, I do. Opening the can I got an immediate hit of coffee aroma, which was a pleasant surprise. It's a smooth taste, with a definite coffee kick. In fact, I'd say this is almost more coffee than beer. We know Brewdog are big on flavours, and 'Wake Up Call' is no exception.

If was to describe 'Wake Up Call' as a cold, carbonated black coffee you'd probably avoid trying it. However, don't be put off! Modern stouts make up some of the best alcohol free beers we've tried and this one is well worth a try. If nothing else it shows that the bigger breweries are taking alcohol free beers seriously and offering a diverse range of options to suit a variety of tastes.

If you don't really like coffee but do like stouts you might prefer to checkout the Big Drop Brewing Co. Stout which is a bit more chocolatey or the Nirvana Rich & Dark Stout

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