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Drop Bear Beer Yuzu Pale Ale

"Easy drinking for the fierce, this pale ale has a lot to shout about. Dry hopped with refreshing floral and grapefruit hops, a splash of yuzu bursts through the caramel base to create a perfect harmony of flavours. We enjoy it best with some halloumi and chips, or a top notch barbie! (BBQ for you non Aussies). Best served bloody cold!" Drop Bear Beer Co.

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Very drinkable

To my mind, this isn't one to linger over but to drink a lot of over some salty snacks - Drop Bear's suggestion of a BBQ halloumi is about right. There's something in the aroma that reminds me of botanical spirits, perhaps it's the Yuzu in there. Unusual and I'm not sure if I like it or not. Mouthfeel is smooth enough and the taste is subtle - not fierce. If you are wanting to a beer to drink a lot of, maybe with some tortilla chips as I did, then this is a pretty good bet. 

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