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Infinite Session IPA

"This India Pale Ale is dry hopped with Amarillo & Centennial, to give a bold citrus flavour. Six grains combined to give a smooth, full body. 
Hoppy AF." Infinite Session

Our Review

A good entry level dry-hopped beer

It seems that everyone is getting in on the dry hopping now, and for good reason -  it's the way to go to get that zing right now, and this IPA is no exception. Some fantastic hoppy, citrusy, aromas emanate from the can as soon as I pulled the ring. Not too bitter - a good entry level dry-hopped beer. Initial taste is fantastic - really well rounded and brimming with flavour. However..there's something missing. Part way through the mouthfeel it gets a bit empty. You are looking for something to hit the tastebuds at the back of your mouth but it just doesn't go there. You are left in limbo until the aftertaste when the hops come back and linger nicely. So overall, a good quality, hoppy ale - just lacking a little something. 

Our Rating

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