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Leffe Blonde 0.0

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Taste is a very personal thing

I was so looking forward to this. There is a place in my heart for all Leffe beers and I was very excited about the NA version..imagine being able to drink as much as you like and still being able not stand up!! Thus it is hard to understate my disappointment. Aroma was more nightclub than Belgian Abbey and a strong waft of unfermented sweetness that surely should be a thing of the past now, hit me immediately, Mouthfeel is excellent, the colour is appealing, and there is a hint of the Leffe in there that I know and love, but that's about it. Taste is a very personal thing, and I have to acknowledge that good memories that accompany times with regular Leffe may make me more critical of anything that veers of course from the original. Am I being too harsh? Please let me know. Reviews across the web are wide and varied on this one.

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Definite alcohol free beer taste and smell. Extremely fizzy despite a good slow pour. Better than some of the low alcohol beers, but not the best. Seems Leffe blonde lager is not quite there yet, but could see it improving. Good packaging similar to standard Leffe beer.


Reviewed: 12/12/2019 • Permalink

Should've Leffe'd It On The Shelf

I've been a Leffe fan for a long time. I was hoping for the best, but prepared for the worst - which is a good thing.

It's a brave manufacturer who released a reduced fat, low alcohol, caffiene free or reduced sugar version of their headline product under exactly the same name. In this instance it has not paid off.

Sure, in the glass it looks the same. But that's where the similarities with the original Leffe Blonde stop. It smells like some other non-alcoholic beers (in that there's something not quite right about it). And when you can't help but make a direct comparison with the alcoholic version it's guaranteed to disappoint. There's a faint hint of the Leffe that this beer is based on, but that's all. In a blind taste test I'm not sure I'd know it was a Leffe at all.

I know this beer has received decent reviews elsewhere on the internet. So, like the drinkNAB site review, I'm going to say that taste is a very personal thing. If you're coming to this beer not having drunk Leffe before I'm sure you'll enjoy it, as a half decent non-alcoholic beer. However, if you're a regular Leffe drinker hoping that you'll be able to swap a few Blondes for the non-alcoholic alternative without noticing too much of a difference you're going to be sorely disappointed.

The world of 0% beers is relatively new - particularly where big brands are concerned. And I'm sure there'll be much work being done behind the scenes to improve the processes which enable non-alcoholic beers to be produced. Hopefully this version of Leffe is the first of many - each improving on the last. Who knows what improvements to taste and aroma could be achieved with just a few tweaks to the recipe.

If you're tempted to try this, do so with your eyes open. Leffe have done their best to produce a 0% beer worthy of the name - unfortunately it's just not good enough.


Reviewed: 30/11/2019 • Permalink

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