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Nirvana Kosmic Stout / Dark and Rich Stout

"Dark roasted malts take centre stage in this rich and chocolatey stout. Bold enough to pack a punch, light enough to enjoy any time of year" - Nirvana

Our Review

An easy to drink stout

Pop open the cap and you are none the wise as to what you are gtting - the aroma is well hidden. It pours nicely with a rich velvety feel as it hits the glass. The aroma once in is subtle compared to many craft stouts, but the malty, cholcolatey tones are certainly there. Mouthfeel wise it's far to fizzy for my liking - I don't really want a stout tickling my tongue! Tastewise, it's consistent with the aroma. Overall, you could drink a lot of this very easily. It's nothing incredible, but slips down very nicely thank you very much.

[Please note the link is to a beer selection, as I couldn't find this on it's own]

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Malt overload

Very malt with minimal hops, they've overdone it here.


Reviewed: 06/01/2020 • Permalink

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