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Peroni Libera

The newest addition to the family, Peroni Libera 0.0% delivers a crisp and refreshing taste, with a delicate fruity aroma.

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A quickly dissipating head

A quickly dissipating head with a little aroma and a tight fizz, Peroni clearly wanted to keep this one subtle. Flavour-wise it almost hits the spot with a mild sweetness, but the tongue rather rejects the bubbly assault if you let it linger. Sadly it then fails somewhat with a disappointing worty aftertaste. However, don't write it off just yet...there's something about this brew (or is it the packaging?) that makes you want to go back and have another one the next day. Peroni have done a curious job in making me feel just that little bit sophisticated for buying this. After a long day at work it feels like treating yourself....why is that? to listen to some Puccini...

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The fizz with this Peroni Liberia is to me what makes this NAB drinkable. It disguises the sweet and slightly plastic taste. I could probable have 1 or maybe 2 of these of a night as the taste does begin to linger on the tongue. I feel that if I had an alcoholic larger then went onto this I would struggle to finish it. The packaging is quite posh and does make it feel like a bit of a treat and would be happy to turn up to an event with them without bringing attention to the fact it isn't alcoholic. Reasonable price from my local Morrisons at £1 a bottle.


Reviewed: 23/11/2019 • Permalink

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