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St Peter's Without Gold

"A refreshingly delicious golden coloured alcohol-free craft beer, which has an ever so slightly sweet malt flavour, combined with a pleasingly subtle citrus flavour in the mouth." - St Peter's

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A pint to name your newborn son after

This is the sort of pint you could name your newborn son after - you'd know he'd grow up to be an intelligent kinda guy and you just wouldn't have to worry about him. You'd also hope he'd be famous one day...because he blimmin' well should be! I may have given the game away on this one, but St. Peter's really do know what I like. It might not be as sophisticated as Clark Gable, or hoppily modern like...Justin Bieber (took me a while for that one), but it is just SO satisfyingly pleasing. Malty caramel richness, toned down a little to make way for citrus, this ale just works as a lovely, hearty treat at the end of a long day. Franky, my dear, I love it.

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Pretty good

Beers are getting better and I like this one. Hoppy...


Reviewed: 04/12/2019 • Permalink

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