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St Peter's Without Original

A delicious alcohol free, full-bodied ale, that’s dark amber in colour. It boasts a rich and malty taste that is bursting with lasting flavour, followed by a refreshing and delicate bitterness - St Peter's Brewery

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These superb craftsmen have done it again

I once visited this Suffolk brewery and would highly recommend a visit. I'll say little more other than it really is a place to discover for yourself. I rate their alcoholic ales very highly, so it was with trepidation that I opened a bottle of their zero alcohol ale, fearing that I would be sorely disappointed. However, these superb craftsmen have done it again. A full bodied, flavourful ale that really does bridge the zero-alcohol gap remarkably well. Perhaps a little fizzy or sweet for some, but the caramel flavours really give the impression of a Beer festival IPA to be remarked upon, and has almost none of the poor aftertaste that ruins so many forrays into this realm. I actually get excited just seeing this on the shelf - surely it's too good to be true!

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Without alcohol, but not flavour!

St Peter's have a well-deserved reputation for brewing quality ales. And this one doesn't disappoint. It's name makes it sound like it's lacking something - which I guess it is, being alcohol-free. But it's certainly not lacking in flavour.

I think this is the first properly malty non-alcoholic beer I've tried which actually suits its maltiness. Many of the mainstream alcohol-free lagers have malt flavouring of one kind or another added which can feel a bit odd, given their alcoholic counterparts are often more hoppy than malty. But St. Peter's have managed to create a properly good malty ale which isn't trying to hide anything, or pretend it's something it's not.

Without has a good colour and aroma and a nice bitterness. If your usual tipple is bitter or a traditional ale and you're looking for a low-risk route into the world of non-alcoholic beer then this is a fantastic option. If you prefer something more hoppy then there are probably better options. But, even though I love a hoppy IPA, I'd definitely go back for another one of these.


Reviewed: 23/02/2020 • Permalink

My favourite

Of all the N/A beers I’ve tried, this is my favourite. Not in a drink 10 bottles type of way, more; it’s got quite a bitter taste and depth of taste which reminds me more of the strong alcoholic beers I used to drink far too many of. Of all the N/A bees of tried, this is the one I look forward to most, after a long day, to relax with.


Reviewed: 27/11/2019 • Permalink

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