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Who Decides?

by Michael Phillips

Who Decides?

When visiting Cornwall, we asked for some guidance about which beaches to visit. Some places were as described, others better, and some worse. We also went to some that weren’t recommended, and some we discovered by accident, immersing ourselves in a variety of experiences that provoked a range of opinions, discussion and left us with some fantastic memories. I got to swim with a large school of Sea Bass, witness some incredible geology, and discuss the merits and pitfalls of recent beach front building developments with locals. Had we solely stuck with others’ views, our holiday would have been far less rich.

Similarly, the world of non and low alcoholic drinks is a rich tapestry that you must discover for yourself. Therefore, I urge you to, yes, read my unrefined comments and those of others, but still cherish each and every taste for yourself. It's a voyage of discovery, your taste buds are your own, and if you like what you drink who is ultimately to tell you you are wrong? Taste away dear friends, express yourself in our reviews section, and may we all drinkNAB together, raising a glass to non-alcoholic craft.

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