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Drilling to the Core

by Michael Phillips

Drilling to the Core

It's not easy to take a flurry of ideas and format them into a coherent vision for others to understand. Indeed, I have Jools Holland on in the background and rather than helping me precis my vision, the music seems to be getting the creative juices flowing even more. However, if I am to be awake for the Rubgy final tomorrow I probably need to go to sleep soon. So fellow NABers, what do you think of the following?

drinkNAB is

  • THE one stop website for ALL non-alcoholic beverage news and straightforward independent reviews
  • A community where all are welcome, served by social media and excellent communication
  • An award celebrating commitment to Quality, Choice and Availability 
  • A voice championing the NAB cause

That was seriously paired down, and you may well have other ideas. After all, drinkNAB is for you so if you have any ideas, great or small, please let us know. Who knows where this all could go? However,I'm very keen that drinkNAB compliments what the many great people with awesome visions out there are doing- Club Soda, Steady Drinker, Alcohol Change UK, to name but a few, so I'm keen to avoid duplicating the amazing work that is already going on.

Right - where is my duvet?

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