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Christmas Cheer Without the Headaches or Calories

by Michael Phillips

Christmas Cheer Without the Headaches or Calories

Recently, I been asked the same question a fair few time -  'what non-alcoholic alternatives would you recommend for Christmas?'. The answer to this is of course down to personal taste, but if you pop round for a little Christmas cheer at ours you may well get offered some of the following:

Strykk Not Rum

Add a bit of tonic, coke or any mixer you please and you'll be singing along to Bing Cosby in no time. Whilst this isn't just for Christmas, there is something so very festive about its rich sweetness that will remind you of happy memories whilst you make new ones with your nearest and dearest.

Stryyk Not Rum


Tired of TV and relishing some refreshment? Want to cleanse the palate before or after indulging in fine festive victuals? This is the drink for you. Add some ice and a tonic of your choice to a measure of this and it will perk you up. Named after the borage flower, the sleek bottle contains a complex blend of flavours that even those not convinced by botanicals will end up loving.

Borrago 47 Paloma Blend

Adnam's Ghost Ship 0.5%

If you like hoppy pale ale without the headache, this is a good place to start. Its alcoholic brother is renown for being a go-to, but this gem is just getting started on its voyage.

Adnams Ghost Ship Alcohol Free

St Peter's Without

Whether you get the Original or the Gold, St Peter's Without beers are reassuringly hearty in their fine-bottled maltiness. This is one for the Christmas film on the telly (does anyone still do that?), or the comfortable after dinner chat round the fire.

St Peters Without Gold
St Peters Without Original

Coop Sparkling Lime and Mint Presse

Fancy something that reminds you of longer, warmer days? This is rather good. Whilst it is sweet, the flavours cut through well and you are unlikely to miss the alcohol very much.

These are just a selection of the easy to find beverages on the market. For more choices, check out our website 

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