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Press Release - drinkNAB Partners with Good Stuff Drinks

by Michael Phillips

Press Release - drinkNAB Partners with Good Stuff Drinks

My wife and I set up drinkNAB after discovering that non-alcoholic beverages are no longer the sickly, insipid drinks they once were. A friend started drinking some modern non-alcoholic beer and once I’d tried some I became mildly obsessed with trying to find the best of the best. This then led to looking for other non-alcoholic alternatives to spirits, ciders, wines, cocktails and good quality mixers and cordials. I struggled to find concise reviews in one place – the sort of advice you could check quickly on your phone before making a purchase…or not. Many gallons later, with help from our friend, Jack Barber, was born. It’s fast becoming the leading website to go for independent reviews of ALL non-alcoholic beverages not just from us, but from anybody that wishes to contribute to the NA movement by reviewing a drink. You’ll also find lots of information on our blog, the option to buy online from a partner (usually with a discount) and more.

I met up for a chat with Tom, the guy behind in a wine bar/shop called Twisted Cellar in Bishop’s Stortford. Considering all the lovely wines that were on offer, it may surprise you that we both ended up ordering a decaff latte! Sometimes you just need a cup of coffee, right? Tom is such a great guy and is absolutely passionate about non-alcoholic drinks. His website sells some of the best non-alcoholic options around and is very easy to use. Therefore, where relevant, I’ve included buy online links that will lead you there. When you use these, or type in the code ‘drinknab’ at the checkout, you’ll get 5% discount. Nice!

So, please do join us as we continue to…Raise a Glass to Non-Alcoholic Craft!

Michael Phillips

Founder of drinkNAB

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