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Just a spoonful of sugar...

by Michael Phillips

Just a spoonful of sugar...

As the wind batters the British Isles via Storm Ciara, I sat down with family for a mammoth mocktail tasting. Today or never, that's my motto. Some time later I'm pretty sure my blood sugar had sky rocketed up to the highest height, and I needed to check in the mirror that my teeth were all still there.

Whilst some cocktails are of course very sweet, I'm not sure that justifies the spoonfuls of sugar that seem to go into their non-alcoholic cousins. There were a few good ones there - the Mocktails Mockscow Mule being a tasty example, but many are just too close to flavoured sugar syrup for my liking and really weren't practically perfect in every way as the marvellous bottles suggested.

Mocktails scottish lemonade mockscow mule social

A few were missing ingredients in the taste that were very clearly labelled on the bottles - perhaps suggesting some penny pinching in the lab or a lack of market research. I really feel there is still room in the market for someone to give us some authentic, quality bottled mocktails that the NAB community can be proud of. After all, everything is possible, even the impossible, and there's nowhere to go but up

If you've been affected by too many Mary Poppins quotations in one paragraph, please note that there is no help available. Spit spot.

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