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Reviews of Non-Alcoholic and Low-Alcohol Drinks from Franziskaner

Franziskaner Weissbier

"Franziskaner Alkoholfrei is the ideal thirst quencher for every occasion. It is isotonic and contains the vitamins B12 and folic acid. Franziskaner Alkoholfrei is a naturally cloudy wheat beer with a full-bodied and spicy taste. The alcohol-free version of our wheat beer is perfect for any break." Franziskaner

drinkNAB Review

...the ears swaying gently in the breeze.

Pop the cap and you are immediately in a German wheat field, the ears swaying gently in the breeze whilst your nostrils fill with the aroma that generations of rural gentlefolk recognise and love. Pour into a glass and become exited by the cloudy liquid that pours fourth and creates a magnificent head. Put nose to glass and inhale deeply with your eyes closed and be taken to a time when life was perhaps harder on the body but easier on the mind. Be surprised by a rounded and smooth mouthfeel and pleasant aftertaste with few rough edges. This truly is a remarkable drink and would go nicely with some monastic hard cheese and freshly baked bread. Amen.

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