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Sipling Gin & Tonic

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Promised too much

It's good to crack open a non-alcoholic gin and tonic and actually get some decent juniper flooding your senses. However, I'm afraid that's where my praise ends. It's a little flat - similar to the Gordon's version - and the quinine rather overpowers everything else. There's also a  too much sweetness here which surely should have no part of a good G&T. 

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Not bad but missing depth of flavour

This was ok, but tasted like mildly flavoured tonic water more than a G&T. It was missing the depth of botanicals of a true gin. I’d drink it if someone bought me one but wouldn’t choose to buy it myself.


Reviewed: 22/02/2020 • Permalink

not for me

Strong tasting and not to my taste - very tonic-y. There are better G&T alternatives out there.


Reviewed: 09/02/2020 • Permalink


This tastes more of the tonic than the gin. Rather a poor copy of the alcoholic original. Not unpleasant as a drink, but unconvincing.


Reviewed: 09/02/2020 • Permalink

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