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Named correctly?

I had this neat and then with tonic. With tonic, you have to try quite hard to detect it. Neat - it's subtley flavoured water. I see what they are trying to do, but just wonder if they'd be better making a tonic syrup using the same flavours. I wouldn't say this is a satisfactory alternative to a spirit. 

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Nice flavour, if you can find it

The name's a bit misleading. This 'spirit' is more like a subtly flavoured water. I tried it neat at first, thinking I'd get a strong zesty citrus flavour. I didn't. It's as if something went wrong in the manufacturing process and it's ended up with a fraction of the intended flavour.

Undeterred I tried it with a splash of tonic, hoping the fizz might bring out more flavour or aroma. If anything it made it even harder to detect.

The branding is spot on. It looks great on the shelf, so I'm sure they'll sell a few bottles. I just wonder whether branding this a 'spirit' is going to be their downfall. Spirits normally pack big flavours and a bit of alcoholic heat. At best this is like a nicely flavoured orange cordial and even if served in a fancy gin glass with a decent tonic and a twist of citrus peel I just can't see it being anything other than a disappointment.


Reviewed: 23/02/2020 • Permalink

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