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Everleaf Drinks Everleaf

"Everleaf is a unique, bright aperitif that’s full of natural complexity, perfect for a spritz." - Everleaf

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An achievement

Everleaf has achieved something no other NA spirit I have yet tasted has - richness of both flavour and texture. There is a viscosity to this that is so very pleasing and allows you to drink this as a neat aperitif - quite a surprise! The complex taste stays with you but is far from cloying - you can tell that a great deal of personal effort has gone into making this just right. My wife and I both enjoyed the bittersweet flavours and kept going back for more. With tonic it comes alive even more - aroma gently being lifted up and giving a very familiar G&T-like quality, probably the Angelica coming through. 

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I've been trying lots of non-alcoholic options recently as an alternative to the usual tonic and lime. Most have been alright when mixed with tonic but haven't filled the void of my usual evening G&T!

Everleaf looked like an interesting option after reading about the use of Saffron and Vanilla; yum!

I've definitely found the perfect replacement for my evening tipple. I love the bitterness but the sweetness from the vanilla is a welcomed change!

I could not recommend this delicious drink more!


Reviewed: 17/02/2020 • Permalink

Delicious and grown up non alcoholic aperitif

Beautiful (and sustainable) packaging around an absolutely delicious non - alcoholic grown up drink. Other non alcs have always tasted thin, but Everleaf has an almost alcoholic taste and mouthfeel. Think a much classier but safe to drive aperol spritz...


Reviewed: 17/02/2020 • Permalink

Very suspect...

Tried it with a straight tonic mixer. Had the thick syrupy thickness of a spirit - positive - but smelt like cardboard or damp wood - negative. The flavour bore no resemblance to its smell, tasting of grapefruit with the tonic bitterness coming through strongly. Did not inspire me and I did not go back for seconds.


Reviewed: 03/01/2020 • Permalink

Not quite sure...

A bit odd. Strong smelling, kind of thick. Don't know what to compare it to...


Reviewed: 02/01/2020 • Permalink

Not for me!

The smell was enough to put me off this medicinal smelling drink. Having syked myself up to try it I'm afraid it was a real no-no for me. It suggested to me some herbal remedy to be taken on your death bed!


Reviewed: 02/01/2020 • Permalink

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