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Stryyk Not Gin

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A good drink in your hand

Is that sage? I asked my wife when I uncorked this (I do like the cork top by the way - nice touch). However, whilst there is sage and corriander there, I finally figured out it was basil that was coming through both the aroma and the taste. Not just any old basil mind you, freshley cut basil with added morning dew. Quite how they've done that, I really don't know. Now, I have to make a judgement here. I was expecting juniper as this is a gin substitute. On that level, this didn't meet me half way. However, as an interesting alternative to G&T, I'll take this over many others. It's bold and keen to impress and gives a real feel of holding a good drink in your hand.

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Oh dear........

I have seen some glowing reviews but really dont understand why. £15 for some flavoured water seems a bit steep to be honest and I dont find the flavour at all appealing. I'd rather just drink tonic with lime on 'dry' days. It is a marketing dream though and I imagine provides strong profits but I won't be buying again.


Reviewed: 16/08/2020 • Permalink

Great imposter

Although I have not previously had vodka paired with tonic, this would have fooled me into thinking I had the real thing.


Reviewed: 02/01/2020 • Permalink

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