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Stryyk Not Rum

  • Stryyk
  • United Kingdom
  • 0 % ABV

"STRYYK Not Rum blends sweet sugar cane and raisin notes with characteristic vanilla and oakwood tones to create a perfectly balanced non-alcoholic spiced rum alternative." - Stryyk

Our Review

Bold and versatile

Another bold aroma Strykks again. This time it's a robust sweetness that embraces your nose like a long lost eskimo cousin. Now I must confess I didn't have any coca-cola in the house so added some tonic instead. I love how taste and smell can evoke powerful memories. Strykk Not Rum took me back to Christmas parties at my grandparents' house, front door welcoming all and tipples accompanied by mountains of rich, home-baked delights. I can't wait to begin experimenting with this in cocktails!

Our Rating

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Community Reviews

Not bad

Not bad for a brown spirit, but a bit sweet for me


Reviewed: 04/12/2019 • Permalink


I really liked this. Still recognisably rum and coke, but better, fresher, no burn, but all the taste. I'll be having this again!


Reviewed: 03/12/2019 • Permalink

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