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Lindemans Semillon Chardonay

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Not Lindeman's finest hour

Please note that I am restraining myself in this review. To do otherwise would be impolite. However, this is horrible. Truly horrible. It's the antithesis of what this website was set up to promote. When I introduce alcohol free alternatives to friends I want them to at least actually consider switching to NABs. Part of me wondered if Lindeman's were trying to make sure this didn't happen. After a cheap white wine aroma, there is a watery mouthfeel and vinegar-like taste that made me gurn. A friend commented that it may be useful as a cleaning product. Even though there were many of us around the table, I still have most of the bottle left so I'll be able to at least give that a go. What I just don't understand is how something like this actually gets past tasters and makes it to market. People will part with hard earned cash for this and resent it, and some will never try never try non alcoholic wine again after giving this a go. What in earth were they thinking?

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